Art Talks Again

Interviews with artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers about their work, the creative process, and how to survive as an artist. Hosted by Gina Borg and Peter Conheim. New episodes are posted bi-weekly. Gina Borg is an Oakland-based painter, and her work may be seen at Peter Conheim is a musician, film preservationist, curator and sound engineer. He is a long-time member of the "culture jamming" group called Negativland, and co-founder of Wet Gate (The All-16mm-Projector Ensemble) and Mono Pause/Neung Phak (situationist-rock/Southeast Asian pop channeling band).
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Feb 27, 2017

This week we talk with Miriam Klein Stahl, rad woman illustrator of the Rad Women book series. We talk about her LA punk youth, starting an arts academy at Berkeley High, making paper cuts, and publishing books. NYT bestsellers, even.

Feb 13, 2017

Lena Wolff is a visual artist influenced by American folk arts as well as modern and contemporary movements of minimalism, geometric abstraction, op art and feminist practice. We met with her in her garden studio in Berkeley, California.


Learn more about Lena and her work here:

Jan 25, 2017

We join Dean Smith in his West Oakland studio for a conversation about painting, drawing, film, the perception of spirituality in art, working with Bruce Conner, and wasp nests.

Jan 12, 2017

Gina and Peter talk to artist/musician John Gullak about the Mutants, the SF music scene in the 70's and beyond, photography, drywall, and art making without toxic headaches. Follow John on Instagram @ mutantme.

Dec 15, 2016

We visit Michelle Wilson in her North Oakland studio to discuss intersections of art, politics, social and environmental change, and collaboration. She is a papermaker, printmaker, sculpter, bookmaker, and installation artist. Please visit her website at:

Dec 1, 2016

From abstracts to rendered "mermen", John Smiddy's paintings are infused with a contemplative quality, whether they're nightmarish or whimsical, or both at the same time. Gina and Peter discuss his fascinating journey through a disparate resumé of careers, fortuitous meetings, and how music lies behind everything. We spoke to John in his brightly lit, high-ceiling painting studio in West Oakland, California.

See John's work at his web site:

Nov 16, 2016

Peter and Gina meet up with "appropriation artist" Tim Buckwalter in his office at the NIAD Art Center in Richmond, CA to discuss the genesis of his work as being based upon "reuse", his background as a music nerd, surviving as an artist, and being gallery director at NIAD.

And buy affordable art!:


Nov 2, 2016

Masako Miki is a multi-discipline visual artist living and working in Berkeley, California. Art Talks Again spoke to her smack dab in the middle of the De Young Museum gallery where she was artist-in-residence for the month of August 2016, illuminated by the comforting glow of her paper lantern sculptures. We learn about her upbringing in Japan and her move to North America without knowing a word of English, the evolution of her process through life upheavals, the Yokai tradition, and share an understanding about cats.

To see more of Masako's work, visit